Ba'ham-Ma'aan-Al Quds - Al Rashidun - Islamic-Universal Voice of Peace - Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb.2006
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" Bismillahi-r - Rahmani'r - Rahim "

Ba'ham-Ma'aan-Al Quds - Al Rashidun

Islamic-Universal Voice of Peace

IslamPeace-IUT Al Rashidun Media
Rabiee Al Awal 1427 H. - April 2006



As salaamu aleiqum

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Peace with ALL Nations - Peace with Israel and Palestine !

Last Update: 21-04-06
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Important: The only authentic Shurafa 6 - Majlis approved web-sites are those established in Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb 2006. All previous sites have been deleted. Cached text dating back to Jan 2006 and earlier by search engines /browers are no longer applicable and irrelevant. Overlooked sites or inaccessable sites prior to this date are to be ignored and are obsolete.
Some group forums dating back to 2000 have been revised according to the new Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb 2006 standard.